Pool Services

Nobles Offers The Following Services:

  • Renovation
  • Weekly Maintenance Service
  • HASA Chemicals
  • Water Testing
  • Acid Washes
  • Clean-Ups
  • Lights & Electrical
  • Repairs on Equipment
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Upgrade Features
  • Tile Specialist
  • Coping
  • Cleaners
  • Resurfacing
  • Decking
  • Complete Parts Department
  • Toys/Games
  • Pumps/Filters
  • Safety Equipment


Weekly Service (billed monthly at the beginning of each month, for the current month)

  • Pool & Separate Spa (two bodies of water)
  • Pool & Connected Spa
  • Pool Only Service
  • Spa Only Service
  • Chemical's Only Service
  • Other weekly services are avaliable to suit your needs with cleaning larger pools, fountains, pools with separate fountains, and many more. Please contact the office to schedule a "pre-service check," where we'll come out and look at the pool to get an idea of the cost. Then bring a sample of the water back to the office, where we'll be able to determine whether the water is in good condition and schedule a date to start.



  • Service Call: $85, which includes the first 15 mintues of work.
  • Hourly: $100/hour, prorated on the quarter hour. (eg: 1 hour job: $85 service call + $75 hourly=$160 Labor)
  • Heater Installations: Starting at $350
  • Pump Installations: Starting at $250
  • Filter Installations: Starting at $250
  • Light Installations: Starting at $150
  • Automatic Cleaner Installations: Starting at $100
  • Automatic Saltwater Chlorinator Installations: Starting at $250
  • Many other services are available.Please contact the office to discuss some of them further!


*all prices above, as stated, are the starting price and do go up from that point as more work is involved.